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Stock up on the sharpest cutting tools

Purchase industrial blades, drill bits, saws, and more from Reliance Fasteners of Denison, TX. If we don't have what you are looking for, we can special order it for you.

  • Bandsaw blades

  • Carbide rod saw blades

  • Carbon steel taps and dies

  • Chisels

  • Cobalt drill bits

  • Countersink drill bits

  • Drill bits

Industrial cutting supplies

  • Metric hex dies

  • Metric HSS taps

  • Pin routers

  • Punches

  • Reamers

  • Reciprocating saw blades

  • Reduced shank drill bits

A great selection of cutting tools

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Reliance Fasteners specializes in the wholesale, retail, and bulk orders of industrial shop supplies.

  • Files

  • Hacksaw blades

  • Hole saws

  • HSS hex taps and dies

  • Jigsaw blades

  • Masonry drill bits

  • Metric carbon steel taps

  • Rotary burrs

  • Round adjustable dies

  • Screw extractors

  • Stepped drill bits

  • Threaded shank drill bits

  • Twin drill bits

  • Wood spade bits